Frisky and their Freaky Friendz

Frisky and their Freaky Friendz are interdisciplinary cabaret events aimed to celebrate artists who seek to push boundaries and kick up the dust surrounding conventional performance. We champion the daring, playful and experimental.


We are interested in untold stories, under-represented voices in theatre, and unique and unapologetic new styles of performance. 

We program a huge range of disciplines: theatre, live art, drag, comedy, poetry, film, music. 

Every event will feature Frisky led performances from our core artistic team, scratch and shorter pieces than our full length plays. 

Each event will end in a Frisky DJ set, and often have interactive art installations for the audience to take part in.

Freaky Friendz past

Frisky & their Freaky Friendz initially came from our desire to make theatre nights more sociable and collaborative akin to a gig event. Therefore in its first stages we programmed support acts – short experimental womxn-led pieces – as support acts for ‘Girl World’. We ran our first cabaret event in 2017 at The Albany Theatre – showcasing film, poetry, theatre and music. The joy of collaborating with other companies led us to run ‘Frisky Fest’ in collaboration with Wonderbox, Bang and Bollocks and Bang Average Theatre at Platform, Southwark in 2017. All companies performed and ran workshops and we had a social event also. Next we curated another event for Prilic Festival for Impermanence Dance Theatre in Bristol. Most recently, Frisky and their Freaky Friendz was Albany Theatre as part of their Rebel Arts Season.

Artists from previous

SLAM the poet, Trash Talk Collective, Impermanence Dance Theatre, Wonderbox, Bang Average, Bang and Bollocks, Hot Pasty, Laura Mackenzie, Niamh O'Brien, Michael Norton, Molly Ann-Pendlebury, Cats Clit, Olivia Douglass, Boom Box Babes, Lucy Mann, Jeremy Rieder and more. 

Freaky Friendz future

We have started to program and expand the concept to be increasingly thematic, high concept and immersive. We want to encourage our audiences to embrace this time for uninhibited expression, dressing up, getting involved and also becoming our 'Freaky Friendz'. 

Please contact us at if you are interested in programming a Freaky Friendz event. 

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